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About the Company

Corby Asset Management, LLC ("CAM") is an independent Registered Investment Advisor located in Hingham, Massachusetts.   Founded in 2006 by its principal owners Michael Reilly and Jennifer Street, CAM provides customized wealth management services primarily to high net worth individuals and families.     

Corby offers a highly personal money management service for investors who want more than what the traditional stock brokerage relationship can provide.  Now more than ever, clients need honest and unbiased investment advice, confidential personal attention, and investment returns that meet long-term objectives.   At Corby, we combine perspective on the financial markets with a deep understanding of the goals of our clients.  Because we are privately owned and independent, our perspective is our own.  And because we make a fiduciary commitment to each client, your interests are the driving force in every investment decision we make.  

As investment managers, we advocate risk-managed diversification strategies, which we believe help clients to achieve higher returns without taking on excessive risk.   We believe that tempered risk, disciplined security selection, appropriate diversification, and a long-term focus serve client interests best.   Our investment approach includes rigorous due diligence, style purity, and efficiencies around turnover, expenses and tax implications to offer greater value to our clients.   While every client strategy is different, all are built on the same core principles: an open architecture approach to investing, a focus on wealth preservation and managing downside risk, and the courage to embrace a contrarian perspective. 

But Corby doesn't just manage portfolios, we navigate the complexities of your financial world.  Like a private CFO, we also coordinate with outside estate planning, tax, insurance, legal, and accounting advisors in order to provide a greater depth of service to our clients.   This helps us understand all aspects of a client’s situation and incorporate those considerations into tailored investment plans.  Many clients welcome our highly personalized, attentive approach to investment management, and many professionals welcome the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with clients by providing even greater value.

Corby Client Web Portal

Complete portfolio access available 24/7 at WWW.ADVISORLYNX.COM/CORBY.

Clients may also access their accounts via the custodian website, WWW.FIDELITY.COM.